Space technology shouldn't just be for space, it should solve immediate challenges on Earth

Fill the Void

Before we can explore planets and mine asteroids, we have to fill the gaps in missing technologies. We’re invested in creating the technologies that will get us to space while improving life on earth.


For the vast expanse of space to become the next frontier of human exploration, reliable energy sources are paramount. We’re committed to powering the future of space endeavors.


Creating fuel and building materials from space mining is crucial for further exploration and permanent settlements. Our projects are focused on extracting life sustaining elements.


For humans to get beyond the borders of our planet, we’ll need to keep our explorers healthy. We’re tackling the challenge of providing healthcare to remote populations.

It Takes a Village

Creating innovative solutions requires team work

Developing space technology is a shared mission, transcending individual efforts. Engineers and scientists birth groundbreaking ideas, while companies bring them to life. Investors infuse essential capital, fueling these dreams. Governments, with their policies and resources, provide the guiding framework and support. This web of collaboration ensures humanity’s steps beyond Earth are achievable.

Breaching the next frontier takes partners from all walks of life. We’re always looking for like-minded individuals to work with, companies to partner with, and investors to share our vision with.